2017: When Millenials Get Drafted For The Next Normandy

first published on February 8, 2017 by

Popular web comic Cyanide and Happiness produced a short video where a soldier is awarded a participation medal for actions in Normandy.

This animated short, produced by Cyanide and Happiness, inadvertently takes a jab at the participation trophy generation. The soldier, clearly a millennial that’s been transported back in time, exits his landing craft onto the beach of Normandy. As he exits the craft he is attacked by a crab fighting for Nazi Germany. He instantly retreats to the back of his landing craft and begins sucking his thumb.

Is this a jab at what a Third World War might look like if the current generation were drafted to fight for their country? Maybe, it may not have been the intent, but this might happen a few times. Realizing that not all millennials are social justice warriors and cry babies though, this generation of Americans, as has every generation before them, would do an absolutely fine job of representing our nations in a global conflict. Surely however, one or two of these would exist and they would be the constant butt of jokes in their platoon.


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