Did The Next American Race War Just Start?

first published on July 13, 2016 by

As tensions begin to rise across the entire United States, it’s time to start asking the question. Has a race war started in our country?

In the land of Facebook there are only a few topics being talked about right now. We have the usual viral videos making their current rounds, the release of an alternate reality game called Poke’mon Go, and then we have the gritty stuff. Politics are always a main focus, but today the number one trending topic is race.

Some say that in the United States, we are on the verge of another war inside of our country. A war between different races. One race that is just trying to survive, and another race that is trying to eliminate the first.

This is how Ian and Karl from InRangeTv reacted to the situation.


In reality though, it’s important to note that this is happening in our country. People really are still letting petty things like skin color divide them. In the military we learn something that some civilians are having trouble understanding. We all bleed red.

From day one we are reminded that every single life in the platoon matters, because every single life in the platoon is one more advance that can be made. Maybe it’s time that the Human race takes a look at the military and learns something.

We all bleed red.


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