Graphic: News Team Driver Is Shot Through The Windshield By Sniper

first published on September 12, 2016 by

An Anna News Network team loses their driver to accurate sniper fire while moving through a heavily contested area in Syria.

Early in the Syrian Civil War, news teams were swarming the battlefields in an attempt to cover the conflict. This ANNA news team lost their driver to FSA sniper fire, while trying to move in between regime positions. The passenger of the vehicle quickly took control of the vehicle, and managed to push them through the contact, but the driver did not survive. To top off their problems, the passenger of the vehicle also appears to be injured, either by bullet fragments, or by fragments of his friend.

They quickly pull over once they are at a relatively safe spot, and remove their dead friend from the driver’s seat. They then quickly move to the nearest hospital to receive treatment for the injured reporter.

Note: It is unclear what is being scrubbed with the audio bleeps, but it seems like it may be the names of the individuals involved. If one of our readers who understands the language being spoken can write up a quick translation, we will add that transcript to the post.

Warning: This video contains graphic content, including gore and death, which may be unsuitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.


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