New Study Released Says One In Ten British Troops Have An STD

first published on May 30, 2017 by

A new study just recently released reveals that one in every ten British troops currently has, or will have a sexually transmitted disease.

In a freedom of information act request, The Daily Star has discovered that the British Army has an extremely high rate of sexually transmitted disease among its soldiers. Of the 140,000 active duty service members in the British Military, Almost 12,000 troops have some form of STD or STI caused by unprotected sex. Out of the 11,681 documented cases, only 10% of all reports were from women, meaning the other 90% came from men.

This newly released information is extremely detrimental to the British military, as experts say that many of the STDs and STIs that have been reported could keep those troops from attaining a status that will allow them to deploy in support of the country’s current combat operations or even undertake in certain training exercises.

“STDs have always been a problem with troops, but in this day and age we had hoped that the safe sex message was getting through,” senior Army medic, who was not named, told the Daily Star. “These figures are a real worry.”

“We have an increasing number of troops with all three services testing positive for HIV and that is career ending. We have troops with untreatable gonorrhea and other STDs which can have a severe effect on a soldier’s health. Troops with serious STDs can’t deploy on operations or take part in arduous training. But these figures could be the tip of the iceberg. Many troops will go to NHS clinics if they believe they have an STD and that will not appear on their military medical records.”

In the FoIA release, there were 150 reported cases of untreatable gonorrhea, and syphilis. 140 cases of HIV, 4,690 cases of Chlamydia, 1,467 cases of genital herpes, 2,267 cases of genital warts, and 163 cases of hepatitis B and C.

To our British military family, here’s a little video the U.S. Army put together. You should share this one around.


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