Rebels Drop Insanely Accurate and Deadly Mortar Round from Russia

first published on April 1, 2019 by

A Syrian Rebel mortar team employs a deadly new Russian mortar round that they recovered from a Syrian Arab Army ammo cache.

mortar 6579

Rebel fighters in Syria have discovered a brand new type of mortar round after raiding a Syrian Arab Army ammo cache. It is believed that the round, which is all white and appears to be of the 50mm caliber, is a deadly new form of Russian technology that was being supplied to the Syrian Arab Army in their fight against the Free Syrian Army.

While not much is known about the technology yet, we can guess from the impacts that these new rounds are designed to defeat counter-battery systems that are currently being used by the American Military. Hopefully some of the vetted Free Syrian Army troops, that we totally haven’t been supplying TOW missiles to, bring some of these new rounds to the undisclosed and definitely not there CIA outposts for further inspection.

You can view these newly discovered rounds in action during the video below.

April Fools.