New ISIS VBIED Tactic Has Vehicle Firing Rockets At Troops And Armor Before Impact

first published on April 21, 2017 by

In the latest propaganda release from ISIS we get a close look into the terrifying new tactic of Islamic State suicide bombers.

A quick update for everyone that has been following the Islamic State’s tactics in order to ensure their troops are well prepared in the event we find ourselves boots on the deck. The Islamic State is now rigging up their SVBIEDs with rockets and rudimentary launching systems. In the latest release, the Islamic State fighters showcase their new vehicle, both in the garage and in action against the Iraqi Army on the ground in Mosul.

It is important that we monitor our enemy, and keep track of new developments in their tactics. This new style of SVBIED could prove very dangerous on the battlefields, as the vehicle can essentially provide suppression for itself as it barrels towards its intended target. Show this video to your troops, start planning for ways to defeat this now.

Note: The video you are about to watch is ISIS propaganda. We are viewing the footage here in order to showcase this new tactic being used by the Islamic State.


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