New Documentary Shows The Other 98% Of Your Deployment

first published on October 13, 2015 by

Footage from Clint Northwood’s upcoming project “The Rear” documents the other 98% of your deployment.

Every single one of us has been to this place. The location could be some small OP named Jack in middle of Farah Province, or some large FOB called Sperwan Ghar in Kandahar. These things happened inside of up armored humvees and gigantic M1A1 Abrams Tanks. You played Spades on broken card tables, and watched terribly pirated DVDs on busted laptops. Sitting in the high knee you looked out across beautiful poppy fields and just thought Okay, time to go home now.

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Those deployments were full of boredom, like it or not. Even the most kinetic of environments were riddled with moments of absolute calm, and boredom. What did you do to fill that gap? I know exactly what I did. What would you add to this list?

-Frequent trips to the smoke pit.
-Laptop walk of shame to the portah john.
-Wait in line to use the sat-phone.
-Eavesdrop on the platoon commanders sat-phone conversation.
-Watch movies with a USB speaker held to the side of my face..
-Eat snacks.
-Take naps.
-Lift weights.
-Eat snacks again.
-Take naps again.
-Lift weights again.
-Play spades.
-Clean weapons.
-Go through other peoples external hard drives looking for new movies.
-Spread trojan virus to the entire platoons laptops.
-Reset training.
-Read the December issue of Cosmopolitan someone’s girlfriend sent him in February on Christmas.
-Wonder if the deployment is over yet.
-Think about what you will do after the deployment ends.


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