New Brazilian President Passes Law to Make Firearms More Accessible

first published on January 18, 2019 by

President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil just signed a new law that will make firearms more accessible to the general population of Brazil.


President Jair Bolsonaro was elected into the President’s office of Brazil after running a hard-line campaign to reduce violent crime in Brazil. Part of his campaign was to reduce restrictions on the general population having access to firearms, as well as loosening restrictions on use of force by the Brazilian Military and Law Enforcement who are attempting to tackle record gang violence in the region.

In the Presidential Decree, signed on Tuesday by President Bolsonaro, the restriction on firearms that required a citizen of Brazil to formally declare why they need a gun, and have that argument approved by the police, has been removed from the list of boxes that need to be checked in order for a citizen to purchase a legally owned firearm. This move will allow the average citizen in Brazil to purchase a firearm without bureaucratic restrictions and allow every citizen to protect themselves from violent criminals.

Replacing that bureaucratic restriction is a new set of conditions, including being responsible for a commercial or industrial establishment, being a gun collector or hunter, living in a rural area or living in a city with elevated crime rate which most Brazilian nationals qualify for outright. The decree also increases the time between firearms registration renewals from five years, to ten.

This simple decree from Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is just the first push towards fulfilling his campaign promises with additional measures expected to be taken before the end of 2019. Below is a short piece done by VICE news that explains the situation in Brazil currently.


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