Why It’s Never a Good Idea to Shoot at US Marines

first published on November 12, 2017 by

This is why it’s never a good idea to shoot at US Marines. Because they dismount, track you down, and eventually, kill you.

Given the past few days celebratory tone for my fellow knuckle draggers, we have some fresh Iraq war footage of Marines taking it to the enemy. It also happens to be from my martial alma mater 3rd Bn. 3rd MAR – deployed to the Haditha Triad in Al Anbar province, 2006.


The following description of events is from a member of 85E, the Marine sniper team present that day.

August 15th, 2006
“Sniper Team 85E had just finished clearing Muj island at the request of NAME REDACTED and the time was around noon. 85E called in QRF (4-1) and waited until they arrived before sprinting across the northern bridge to Apple Rd from the island.

Once QRF and adjacent squad were loaded up 85E also began to load up on the lead 7-ton. Before 85E could get settled, an ACF ambush fired a barrage of RPG’s followed by a barrage of automatic weapons fire at the lead vehicle. The RPG’s missed but 4-5 Marines received shrapnel and burn wounds to the hands, heads and faces.

Once the smoke cleared and the firing stopped, 85E dismounted from the 7-ton and proceeded to sprint towards the attackers.

They got away clean that day. However, several days later that same team of ACF would be KIA by Sniper Team 85E while attempting a similar ambush. 3 EKIAs, 2 RPG’s, 2 PKM’a, 2 RPK’s, 3 AK-47’s and a ton of ammo and rockets.”

Shooting at these guys may have seemed like a good idea at the time. They had just finished a long operation and were probably starting to imagine a hot meal and a mattress – the opportune moment to strike. But instead of getting off the X (which the stray dog had the sense to do), 85E went into full aggression. Quickly responding with firepower and a clear bias to action, they’re on the street and bullishly moving towards the enemy within a few seconds.

The bad guys got away that day, but not for long. 85E would catch up to them a few days later, and do what Marines do best. I guess nothing gets between a dog and his bone, or a pissed off Marine and the enemy.


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