What You Need To Know About The SEAL Charged For “Knife Kill” On ISIS

first published on February 18, 2019 by

Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher has been charged with killing an Islamic State detainee on May 3, 2017, shooting at innocent civilians with his sniper rifle, and attempting to coerce potential witnesses to conceal his alleged war crimes.


New allegations also claim the SEAL called in “false target coordinates to engage a mosque,” as well as recklessly attempting to engage in unnecessary, potentially catastrophic firefights with insurgents, and supposedly became so mentally unstable that he should’ve been relieved from duty.

However, these charges and allegations hinge almost entirely on hearsay evidence from Gallagher’s junior enlisted, whom were documented as being disgruntled before the murder charges were even raised. Gallagher had reportedly called the junior SEALs out as cowards for their attempts to shirk their duties as combatants on the battlefield. Complaints against Gallagher started off as petty reports, but soon moved rapidly up to war crimes.

Gallagher’s murder trial was supposed to begin tomorrow, but has been postponed until just after Memorial Day, on the request of the defense team, as multiple new witnesses and defense attorneys have been added to the case. Regardless of the trial preparations, if you have ever been part of a military tribunal, you would see that it’s not exactly a fair system based on due process. It often seems to be a dog-and-pony show formality to unveil a predetermined verdict.

The following video gives a great analysis of the current case against Gallagher. Please take the time to watch it.


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