Navy SEALs Filmed on Front Lines of the Battle for Mosul?!

first published on March 2, 2017 by

A CNN report filmed during the ongoing battle for Mosul shows US Special Operations troops operating near the front line, executing command and control operations for indigenous fighting forces as well as building an aerial reconnaissance vehicle.


The report generically refers to the elite troops as “special forces” and “soldiers” in an attempt to not piss of their public affairs contacts that got them the embed. Yet, based on the troops’ AOR1 camouflage pattern, as well as their Sig pistols, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that these operators are US Navy SEALs.

US-backed forces continue to make gains in western Mosul, retaking the “Diamondback” airport and now moving in on the city’s government building district. Many key ISIS leaders have been killed in airstrikes and targeted raids by elite Kurdish special forces units. Yet, the fighting for the west side of the river has been more intense than expected.

Last night, Islamic State forces used a heavy rainstorm to conduct a counter attack. The poor weather conditions hampered Western aerial assets used for close air support and reconnaissance. The counter attack was defeated, but demonstrates that ISIS is still very much a threat in west Mosul and will fight heavily before giving any inch of ground.


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