Navy SEAL Shot 27 Times, Lives To Tell About It

first published on March 21, 2019 by

Tactical Sh!t runs into a living legend at this year’s SHOT Show and gets an incredible interview with Former Navy SEAL Senior Chief Mike Day, who was shot 27 times and blown up by a grenade, but still lived to tell about it.

A lot of us, myself included, get hung up on our trauma. We dwell on it, and use it as an excuse for our shortcomings. We live in a society where victimhood is the greatest status one can achieve. It’s easy believe that we are broken, and I suppose it takes a lot of weight off our shoulders because people are willing to accept less from us knowing that we have gone through some pretty hard times.

Yet, it’s stories like these that motivate the hell out of me. This SEAL isn’t using his traumatic past as a crutch. He’s using it as a launchpad to continue striving to reach the top. He isn’t calling it quits because he was almost killed. He’s figured out that he can’t be stopped.


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