Navy Says Women SEALs By 2017, Maybe

first published on March 16, 2016 by

A new plan released by the US Navy states that the first female Navy SEALs could be operating as soon as Fall of 2017.

Navy SEAL Training

G.I Jane may become a reality as soon as fall of next year. Women are currently on track to start the training pipe-line for the US Navy SEAL teams in May of this year. They will begin the journey to SEALdom the same way as their male counterparts, by attending the prep-course at Great Lakes, Illinois.

According to a recent 50-page plan that was made public last Thursday, the earliest female enlisted SEALs could be assigned to a team as early as Fall of next year, with their commissioned sisters being assigned in January of 2018.

This is of course, a best case scenario. As of right now, there is no intention of lowering the standards set by the coveted SEAL training team at Coronado. They are following lessons learned from the entry of women into EOD teams, and warn that interest in NSW positions might be low, and the success rate may even be lower.

Navy SEAL Future

Currently the plan states that the best possible way to integrate women into NSW positions is to maintain a gender-blind position at training. Planners are warning against the use of Quota systems, stating that the positions may go unfilled, which would cause a rise in less-qualified candidates increasing the overall female attrition rates.

The addition of women to to the NSW pipeline will require very little change to the actual school-house itself. The program intends to increase the female staffing at Coronado by a factor of five, as well as adding an additional $275,000 in security cameras, as well as gender specific showers and bathrooms.

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