NATO Member Turkey Using Suicide Attacks On Kurds In Syria

first published on August 8, 2017 by

NATO member Turkey is staging troops on the Syrian border for imminent military operations against the Afrin Kurds of the YPG for their connections with the PKK separatist Kurds in Turkey. The Turkish military will be calling on the Russians, who were once advising the Afrin Kurds against ISIS, for support in the operations.

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For months, Turkey has been escalating attacks on the Afrin YPG kurds through their jihadist proxy forces, including HTS the rebranded al Qaeda super group, in which they have their own intelligence and special operations forces embedded. The Kurds have continued to stop these attacks dead in their tracks, even killing embedded Turkish troops in the process. Now Turkey is preparing to go in with their own conventional troops in an attempt to take ground from the YPG, since their terror proxy forces have failed.

These forthcoming military operations have serious implications for the US involvement in Syria, considering Turkey is a NATO member and supposed ally. Yet, many fighters currently doing the heavy lifting for US forces in Raqqa against ISIS are either Afrin Kurds, or closely aligned with them. The YPG members of the Syrian Democratic Forces will give the CJTF-OIR command the ultimatum to protect Afrin, or they will leave to support their fellow Kurds against the Turks.

The following clips show the YPG responding to the Turkish threats with a show-of-force type video in which multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) are employed, as well as an anti-tank guided-missile (ATGM) destroying a Turkish-backed jihadist tank. The final clip of the video shows drone footage, captured from a Turkish-backed jihadist drone as it follows a pickup packed with explosives toward Ayn Daqnah, an SDF/YPG-held town in Afrin. The Kurds are able to disable, and then detonate the SVBIED at a relatively safe distance.

The fact that Turkey is supporting psychopathic Islamists willing to use SVBIEDs in an urban area… should tell you all you need to know.


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