Marine Corps Team Advising Afghan National Army in Sangin

first published on August 13, 2018 by

Members of the United States Marine Corps continue to train and advise Afghan military leadership in the Sangin district of Afghanistan.

Advise Sangin

In a brief video release from the United States Marine Corps and Operation Resolute Support, senior members of a Marine Corps Training and Assistance team talk about their duties and operations with Afghan National Security Forces in the Sangin District of Afghanistan. The video, which was recorded just a few weeks ago in August of 2018, shows senior staff Marines working hand in hand with senior leadership of the Afghan National Army unit that is currently tasked with providing security in the Sangin District.

The Marines seen in this video are part of Operation Resolute Support, which is an on-going operation that aims to support the Afghan National Security forces in their continued fight against the Taliban and ISIS-K. Since the beginning of Operation Resolute Support in early 2015, we have seen more and more that the Afghan National Army is prepared to begin taking full control of their war-torn nation. This build-up of the Afghan National Army is being conducted in order to allow a full withdrawal of coalition forces from the country in a manner that will not repeat the past mistakes of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The video below comes courtesy of the United States Marine Corps, Operations Resolute Support, and Marine Corps Sgt. Luke Hoogendam.

It is interesting to think that some of the Marines present in this video that are now senior staff non-commissioned officers may have fought in Sangin eight years ago as small unit leaders. These Marines may have spent a large portion of their lives in the Sangin District fighting the Taliban, and they are now present at the conclusion of the fight in that area. If you would like to watch a bit of a throwback video to Sangin, here is a video that was created by Logan from Black Rifle Coffee Company when he still worked on the Funker530 project. You can read more about the Marines that fought in Sangin at this link.


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