Najaf, Iraq – Blackwater IED Strike, Flawless Reaction

first published on November 1, 2015 by

Blackwater Security contractors in Najaf respond flawlessly to an IED strike.

If this video were to be summed up in one word, that word would be smooth. These Blackwater security contractors have ice flowing through their veins. The vehicle directly in front of them strikes an IED so close, that it actually damages both vehicles. Their response: “Alright boys, here we go.”

There is a lot that can be said about this video, and the men operating in it. This should be shown to every single private security detail in operation today. At no point in this video does the team ever lose control of the chaos.

First after action we can immediately take note of, is the vehicle commander in the rear SUV. Not once does he ever seem panicked or out of control. His voice is one of the only voices that can be heard as the vehicle in front of him is struck, and while it’s fighting to maintain control.


The second thing we should mention is the driver of the struck vehicle. That individual manages to operate on pure instinct, and keep his top-heavy vehicle upright, and on the road. At multiple points he keeps the SUV under control though front, and rear skids. Keep in mind that he is doing this seconds after an IED just rocked his world. For a moment it almost looks as if they’re going to be able to push the vehicle out as the driver regains control.

Security SUV Slide

Third, the security details extreme professionalism really starts to shine. They pass their downed vehicle and move forward far enough to stop any follow on attacks before they begin cross-loading passengers from the downed SUV into their own. Listen to the voices of the operators as they begin their bump plan. No one sounds flustered, panicked, or confused at what they’re supposed to be doing. This is another day at the office for these boys.


Finally as they dismount, note the driver saying “I’m going to check my truck.” This is a key action in my opinion, as his job is to ensure that the vehicle is operational. He doesn’t know if his friends are okay, or if they’re in pieces all over the back of the other SUV. Regardless, he gets out to check his vehicle, putting that thought into the back of his mind so he can complete his individual mission. He later tells his vehicle lead that the vehicle is leaking some fluid, and he’s not sure how far they’ll make it.

Overall these guys did an amazing job, and it speaks very loudly as to why these Blackwater security teams have never lost a principal. What other after action points did you notice while watching this?


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