Mystery Solved: Why The White House Belleau Wood Oak Tree Is Missing

first published on April 30, 2018 by

French President Emmanuel Macron and American President Donald Trump planted a white oak tree from Belleau Woods to commemorate French President’s visit to the United States. Shortly after the commemorative event reporters noticed that the tree was missing from the White House lawn, and a mystery began to unfold on the internet. Except, it’s no mystery at all. Here is what happened to the Belleau Wood Oak Tree after it was planted in the White House South Lawn.


Shortly after French President Emmanuel Macron and American President Donald Trump held a commemorative planting ceremony for a white oak tree that originally sprouted at the site of the World War I Battle of Belleau Wood in northern France, the tree went missing from the White House lawn. This prompted an internet-wide investigation by reporters across the United States who were looking for yet another negative thing to pin on the American President. After several days of serious investigative journalism, the mystery of the missing oak tree has finally been solved by a brief inquiry to the French Government, who responded that the tree was removed from the White House lawn and placed into quarantine, as is the standard with all foreign plant and wildlife coming into a new environment.

In order for both leaders to plant the tree during the French President’s visit to the United States, the decision was made to skip the quarantine period initially. This allowed both leaders to hold the commemorative ceremony together. According to the office of the French President, both parties knew that the tree would have to be removed from the White House lawn for a short period of time in order to finish out the quarantine period, in spite of this the decision was made for them to plant the tree together.The sapling was a gift from French President Emmanuel Macron for his state visit to U.S. President Donald Trump last week. Mystery solved, no more need to devote precious resources towards this investigation.

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The white oak tree from Belleau Wood was chosen in honor of the American lives lost during The Battle of Belleau Wood. From June 1 to June 26, 1918, German forces launched a Spring offensive that was meant to topple Allied forces before the Americans could get involved in The Great War. During this offensive, German Forces were able to push all the way to Belleau Wood before they were met by the United States Marine Corps, who ambushed the German forces at 100 meters, slaughtering waves of German infantry troops and pushing them back into defensive positions at Hill 204. Against the judgement of French forces who urged the Marines to retreat, Marine Captain Lloyd W. Williams of the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines uttered the now-famous retort “Retreat? Hell, we just got here.”

The Battle of Belleau Wood became an immediate legend in the Marine Corps, and is a major part of their storied history as a fighting force. The now-famous quote from two-time Medal of Honor recipient Gunnery Sergeant Dan Daly prompted his men of the 73rd Machine Gun Company forward with the words: “Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever,” as they advanced towards deadly German machine gun fire through a waist-high wheat field. At the conclusion of the battle, a short concise message was sent back to let Allied forces know the situation on the ground inside of the woods by then Major Maurice E. Shearer. “Woods now U.S. Marine Corps entirely.”


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