Multishot Grenade Launcher Used To Kill Troop In Syria

first published on March 29, 2017 by

Video out of Syria appears to show rebels engaging an enemy combatant with a multishot grenade launcher (MGL).

The clip begins with rebels watching as an alleged pro-Assad soldier digs in a trench to improve existing defenses.

The rebels fire a few 40mm grenades, and some appear to impact within the trench where the targeted man was digging.

The footage insinuates that a kill was made, but the legitimacy of that assertion can’t be verified.

Based on the video, the multi shot grenade launcher (MGL) appears to be the Turkish MKEK “40mm Tamburlu Bombaatar” cylinder-fed grenade launcher, which is a functionally identical copy of the South African Milkor MGL-Mk1, but with slight cosmetic differences.

The exact specifics of this video, including date, are unknown, but the watermark suggests it was filmed near Damascus, more specifically Jobar.