Multiple Terror Attacks Against Israelis Caught On Cam

first published on October 13, 2015 by

Several bloody terror attacks as part of a “Day of Rage” have been carried out by Palestinians against unarmed Israeli civilians. The knife and gun attacks occurred within hours of each other this morning in Jerusalem, and a few of the events were captured by cell phone and security cameras.

In one event, a Palestinian man rammed a busy bus stop with his automobile, injuring multiple unarmed civilians. He then got out of his vehicle and began slashing and chopping at the injured victims with a large knife. An armed citizen responded to the scene and shot the man repeatedly before he was subdued. The following video shows the horrific event.

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In another event, two Palestinians, one armed with a knife and the other a gun, boarded Bus 78 in a Jerusalem neighborhood and began a shooting and stabbing frenzy against unarmed Israeli citizens. Two of the victims were killed and another 16 were wounded. The following video shows the Israeli Defense Force responding to the gruesome scene. They killed one of the attackers on the spot, the other Palestinian died later of his wounds.

These were just two of the multiple terror attacks carried out by Palestinians on unarmed Israelis this morning. Although it was Palestinian activists that called for this “Day of Rage,” the international community will surely find a way to condemn and blame Israel for the Palestinians’ barbaric actions.

It’s actually pretty ridiculous. If your kid walks up to a bees’ nest, kicks it, and then gets stung multiple times. You call your kid a dumb ass, for the blame is his. Yet, when Hamas-led violent religious nut jobs, with their indiscriminate rocket, knife, and gun attacks against unarmed civilians, finally incite a response from Israel, it is the Palestinians who democratically elected a terrorist government who are treated as the victims.

Then, the absurd term “proportionate response” is thrown around, and idiots will say, “It was just a few rockets…” or “It was just a string of knife/gun attacks, why is Israel carrying out a military operation? Why aren’t they using a proportionate response?”

Here’s the problem with that stupidity. If someone is trying to kill you, then there is a credible threat, and you must defend yourself and your people to the best of your ability with deliberate and sufficient force, even if your opponent is an unorganized, unintelligent, and incompetent foe. If you were walking down the street with your family and a couple of crackheads jump out with a box cutter and try to rob you, you would pull out your handgun and shoot them to death or until there is no longer a threat. At no point would you leave your gun in your waistband and pull out your pocket knife because the piece of garbage junkie only has a box cutter. That would be a proportionate response, and it would also be stupid.

Yes, the Israel/Palestinian conflict is a complex one with well-founded arguments on both sides, but watching these videos of savages executing attacks on soft targets, like running down old, unarmed women with a car and hacking them up, or getting on a bus full of unarmed commuters to kill them… there is NO argument as to who the terrorists are.


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