Nazis Get Wrecked By Multiple Strafing Runs During WWII

first published on September 6, 2016 by

This video is a compilation of nose mounted camera systems that recorded strafing runs from the air during WWII. These pilots are intense.

Strafing runs are deadly, terrifying, and can happen with very little warning. If you are an infantryman on the ground, you have very few options for getting out of the way. The immediate action drill for getting strafed comes pretty close to proving this point. Here’s a graphic.


The basic idea is to get perpendicular to the flight path, and then spread out while laying on the deck. Your hope in all of this, is just that you’re not the section of the patrol the pilot decides he wants dead.

We don’t generally deal with this anymore in modern warfare, but some day real soon we might be dealing with it again. So start taking notes.


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