Iraqi PMU Engages Multiple Mounted And Dismounted Suicide Bombers In Mosul

first published on April 7, 2017 by

On the western side of Mosul, an Iraqi PMU contends with multiple suicide devices that are vehicle borne, and on ISIS fighters.

As the fighting in Mosul rages, and the ISIS numbers deteriorate by the day, there is still no shortage of suicide bombers from the group. In this video, members of a popular mobilization unit, or pmu, fight off several suicide attacks at close range.

A vehicle charges their position, but is quickly detonated and dealt with. Following this, the PMU conducts an attack against two Daesh fighters holding a position. As the PMU gets close to the fighters, they detonate their suicide belts in an attempt to take as many of the PMU fighters as they can with them.

This is the new face of warfare against extremist soldiers. They have no humanity left in them, and view even their own deaths as an opportunity to end more life.


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