Soldiers Take Multiple Casualties As Enemy RPGs Rain Down

first published on May 29, 2019 by

Incredibly intense Afghan War combat footage from November 2011 shows a mounted platoon of cavalrymen enter a preplanned Taliban ambush kill zone and take multiple casualties in the ensuing firefight.

The event reportedly took place in the volatile Nangarhar Province and the unit involved was Apache Troop, 3-4 CAV.

The Taliban initiated the ambush with a volley of RPGs, striking the first three vehicles. One of the RPGs managed to penetrate the vehicle’s armor, and the crew took multiple casualties.

The enemy was attacking from such a high position that the mounted MK19 automatic grenade launchers and M2 .50 machine guns couldn’t aim at most of the insurgents’ positions. The turret gunners were forced to use their M4 carbines to engage the enemy.

Rocket propelled grenades continued to whiz into the besieged troops’ locations and one of the vehicles was engulfed in flames. The troops raced to evacuate the wounded crew members before they were burnt alive.

Although multiple vehicles were knocked inoperable and several troops wounded… miraculously, no US service members were killed in the attack.


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