How Much Air Strength does a Marine Expeditionary Unit Have?

first published on April 11, 2019 by

Have you ever wondered exactly how much air power a Marine Expeditionary Unit can bring to a fight? This video is your answer.

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The Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) is the smallest air-ground task force put forward by the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps. MEUs are tasked as a quick reaction force that are forward deployed to separate regions of the world. Each unit is a fully combat capable task force that can land anywhere within their designated area of operations and begin an immediate response to whatever task is put in front of them.

In order to be this forward deployed force in readiness, the Navy-Marine Corps team needs to come to the table fully prepared to take on a wide range of operations. These operations can range from response to natural disasters to extended combat operations in extremely austere environments. This diverse mission set requires that before the MEU ever gets underway they are fully trained and qualified to complete the tasks set before them.

One of the greatest assets the MEU brings to the table is their ability to launch immediate and fully operational combat flight operations anywhere in the world. To do this properly, each Marine Expeditionary Unit is outfitted with a squadron reinforced of aviation assets. If you’ve ever sat down and wondered what exactly the MEU is capable of bringing to a fight, this video from the 11th MEU and Staff Sgt. Donald Holbert should come pretty close to answering your question.


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