MRAP Flips After IED Blast In Afghanistan

first published on December 21, 2015 by

An MRAP filled with American troops is on patrol in Afghanistan when they are targeted by a well-hidden, command detonated IED. The triggerman rushed the job and prematurely popped the device in front of the vehicle rather than under it. The crater created by the blast, in addition to the already steep bank, was still enough to put the top-heavy vehicle on its side.


Discipline is what kept these troops from getting hurt or killed. Occasionally troops get complacent over the course of a long deployment and will start forgoing simple security measures such as strapping down ammo boxes and other equipment that will become face-crushing death debris flying around the inside of the MRAP in an instance like this. The gunner was also disciplined enough to be wearing his turret harness, and they were all able to safely walk away from this attack with a sweet video.


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