Commander ‘Motorola’ Assassinated In Blast, Rebels Vow Revenge

first published on October 17, 2016 by

Infamous Russian mercenary warlord “Commander Motorola” was killed when a bomb detonated on an elevator in his apartment building in Donetsk on Sunday. The assassins were said to be heavily armed, wearing body armor, and using smoke grenades to cover their advance in the attack. His loyal troops vowed revenge on the responsible group.


Born in Russia in 1983, Arsen “Motorola” Pavlov served in the Russian Naval Infantry during the second war in Chechnya, and later gained notoriety during the Ukrainian conflict as a rebel “volunteer” commander, leading the Sparta Battalion in Donbass against the Ukrainian government. He successfully led his unit through the Battle of Ilovaisk and the Second Battle of Donetsk Airport.

Motorla has been both accused of, and admitted to, war crimes. In 2015, Pavlov claimed he executed 15 Ukrainian soldiers being held as prisoners. He has been accused of torture as well.

A video emerged showing supposed members of the far-right Ukrainian neo-Nazi group “Misanthropic Division” claiming responsibility for the assassination. However, the leader of the group claimed the video was a hoax.


Interestingly, due to the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation, questions have arisen of the possibilities of an insider attack. According to BBC, an ethnic Abkhaz rebel commander had a falling out with Motorola and may be a prime suspect in his death. Just as likely, Russian Special Forces may have killed him due to his unpredictable nature and potential of going rogue against the chain of command with his loyal followers.

So whether his many enemies finally caught up to him or his usefulness with the Russian government ran out… Hate him or love him… Commander Motorola is dead. Let’s take this time to remember this iconic warlord with his legendary “Grenade Launcher Prank” video, where he hammers his own troops positions as a joke.


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