Motorcycle Cop Boots Fleeing Criminal Into Parked Car

first published on June 1, 2018 by

A video reportedly out of Brazil shows the outcome of a motorcycle chase in which the pursuing officer boots the fleeing suspect into a parked car.

The helmet cam video begins well into the chase, and the pursuing police officer is within inches of the suspect.

The fleeing suspect zips down city streets and soon attempts to turn left through an occupied crosswalk. He nearly runs over an old woman using a cane.

The officer, whose main job is to keep the public safe, is further triggered into a rage and begins verbally berating the suspect.

He realizes that if he doesn’t end the chase soon, there is a very good chance that someone will end up hurt or dead.

The officer again closes the distance between himself and the offender. As he pulls up parallel with him, he sticks out his foot and boots the suspect’s bike into a collision course with a parked vehicle.

We get to see a split second of the painful justice, and as the officers turns his head, we can see another responding motorcycle cop stopping at the scene of the crash to arrest the wrecked suspect.


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