CCTV: Mother And Daughter Shoot Holes In Armed Robber

first published on February 24, 2017 by

Security camera footage from a Liquor store in Tulsa, Oklahoma shows a mother and daughter defend their liquor store from an armed robber by shooting holes in him.

The event took place on the evening of Thursday February, 22nd. A man armed with what appears to be a sawed off shotgun enters a liquor store demanding cash from the mother and daughter who operate the business. Momentarily, the criminal steps away from the counter.

When the opportunity presents itself, the daughter retrieves a revolver from under the counter and hands it to her mother. The robber, later identified as Tyrone Lee, returns to the counter and receives a surprise. The mother shoots him at close range sending him scrambling. She fires at least two more shots and returns to the counter as the daughter makes an emergency phone call.

Lee decides his wounds aren’t that serious and returns to finish robbing the women. As soon as he steps back inside, he is hit with another shot, which sends him scrambling deep into the store.

Lee has now taken multiple rounds and is visibly bleeding, but has yet to go down. There are many possible reasons for this. One reason is that he is likely high on drugs. Another reason could be the rounds used in the handgun may be full metal jacket or some other projectile with poor expansion. The main reason is likely poor shot placement. Had the street jockey been hit in the heart, lungs or central nervous system, he would have probably been subdued by now. This is why it is critical that you shoot until your target is down.

The mother makes a huge mistake in letting the criminal get near her, and he realizes that he can grab her. He begins wrestling her for the gun. Meanwhile, the daughter attempts to take a shot and nearly shoots her mother. She realizes this and doesn’t fire again until the wrestling match is over.

Lee is finally able to wrestle the gun out of the hands of the mother, and he uses the gun to strike her in the head. The mother later had to have her head wound stapled shut. As soon as the attacker clears the mother, the daughter places her pistol almost onto the man’s head and fires. It appears to hit him, but the pistol looks like an underpowered .22lr, which is certainly capable of killing a human, but is definitely not a preferred caliber.

Lee tries killing the daughter with his newly acquired revolver, but it appears to be out of ammunition or he simply can’t get it to function. Lee’s wounds are starting to catch up with him and he falls as his balance gives way. The women use the opportunity to vacate the scene, and Lee also makes an escape before the police arrive.

Lee was later found at a local hospital where he remains in critical condition. Police say he is the prime suspect in 10 other similar robberies where the identical suspect used the identical weapon.

A local news site posted a photo of Lee from a prior conviction… meaning that he was likely already a convicted felon who couldn’t legally possess a firearm. His firearm was a sawed off shotgun, which is illegal, and he was using it to rob a store, which is illegal, and he also attempted to kill the daughter, which is also illegal. It’s almost as if making more laws doesn’t, in any way, keep criminals from breaking them, and only effects those who follow the laws in the first place.

The women declined an interview with the local news, but their son, who was not present at the time of the attempted robbery, said that the guns saved their lives, and emphasized that, “We’re not going to be victims.”


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