Mortar Team Defending Their Tube With Small Arms Fire

first published on September 2, 2018 by

Soldiers from the 173rd Airborne find themselves defending their mortar system with small arms fire in order to continue putting shells down-range at the enemy.


You know that the gun fight is intense when the mortar team has to put down their deck of cards and start dropping rounds. You can tell that the same fight just got stepped up a notch or two when some of those same mortar dudes have to drop what they’re doing inside of the mortar pit to pick up their rifles and start returning fire. This is exactly what we get to see happening in this video, where mortarmen from the 173rd Airborne find themselves defending each other and their weapon system with small arms during a raging gunfight with the Taliban on a small outpost in Northeastern Afghanistan.

On top of the fact that members of the mortar team had to drop their task inside of the pit to return fire, take special note of the rate and angle at which they are dropping rounds through their tube. Their rate of fire, combined with the angle of the tube they are launching rounds through, indicate that they are dealing with an intense enemy assault against their position. We can tell that the rounds they are firing are set to land close to their own position based on the angle of the tube, and also indicated by the fact that some members of the team are engaging the enemy directly without even needing to leave the mortar pit.