More Luck Than Skill: Car Bomb Attacks Iraqi Militia

first published on January 6, 2018 by

Iraqi militiamen appear to have more luck than skill after missing several opportunities to destroy a charging car bomb. The moronic SVBIED explodes harmlessly in a huge fireball near the vehicles, but the Iraqi’s largely shrug it off.

Iraqi militia, better known as Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), attempt to defend against a charging SVBIED in an open grassy field. Using an ATGM and several RPG’s, they first engage the speeding vehicle with a guided missile at several hundred meters distance. However, the missile misses its target and explodes just behind it. The SVBIED presses on towards the Iraqi Humvee position to the left of the cameraman.

From the roll of the terrain and the vantage point of the camera, the angle makes it hard to keep track of the car bombs approach. Suddenly, an RPG gunner begins to take aim at the speeding vehicle and the cameraman foolishly takes up position directly behind the tube. He suddenly realizes this mistake and his terrible location in the back blast. He quickly attempts to get out of the danger, but the gunner fires – jarring and concussing the cameraman but missing his target.

The SVBIED closes the last few meters quickly and appears to get near another Humvee in the distance. It explodes in a huge fireball that swiftly changes to a mushroom cloud just a hundred or so meters away. The PMU seem completely untroubled by the car bomb’s detonation and proximity to them. Had the suicidal driver been a little better, those repeated misses would have cost them dearly.