More Footage Of SEAL Gun Battle Emerges

first published on May 5, 2016 by

Footage obtained by the Guardian reveals more of the gun battle in which Navy SEAL Special Warfare Operator First Class Charles H Keating IV lost his life as a result of enemy fire. The video begins as several Americans and their Peshmerga counterparts are attempting to take cover behind their vehicles while returning fire on ISIS positions. They attempt to gain fire superiority, but realize they are much too exposed on the roadway, so they assault toward the enemy over open ground. Once they reach hard cover they begin killing ISIS fighters by the dozens.

gun battle

It is now known that the SEALs featured in this footage were coming to the aid of a separate U.S. Spec Ops team of advisors that were already engaged in heavy fighting within the town of Telaskof and had been abandoned by their indigenous partner unit. The SEALs were in a quick reaction force (QRF) role acting as a counter assault element when they were ambushed by ISIS on their way into the village.


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