Trump Removes Mattis From Position Two Months Early Via Twitter

first published on December 23, 2018 by

After the resignation letter from current Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Donald Trump removes him from his position two months early.


Donald Trump has officially announced that Patrick Shanahan will take charge of the Defense Department as of January 1, 2019, replacing the current Secretary of Defense James Mattis two months ahead of schedule. The announcement was made public via the President’s Twitter feed around noon on December 23, 2018, just days after Mattis released his resignation letter protesting the decision to abandon allies in Syria, where fights against Al-Qaeda linked terror cells and the Islamic State are still raging.

For the time being, Patrick Shanahan will will stand as the acting Secretary of Defense. He is currently the Deputy Secretary of Defense and was a Boeing senior vice president before taking his current position. Shanahan has never served in any branch of the armed forces, and has almost no foreign policy or government experience outside of his current duties as Deputy Secretary of Defense. Officials at the White House have stated that the President is looking for a full-time replacement for the position outside of his current administration, and hopes to have one in place soon.

In his resignation letter to the President, the Secretary of Defense made clear statements that he was opposed to the President’s decision to withdraw from Syria early and abandon allies. Following directly behind Mattis, Brett McGurk, the top ranking diplomat from the United States in the fight against the Islamic State overseas has also resigned from his position with a similar statement condemning the President’s actions. According to Pentagon Officials, the decision to remove Mattis from his position ahead of schedule was not communicated, and the President has had no known contact with current Secretary of Defense Mattis since he submitted his letter of resignation.

Dana White, a spokeswoman for Secretary of Defense Mattis, stated that Mattis has his full attention on ensuring a smooth transition to Shanahan, and is ensuring that the full attention of the Pentagon is still on the defense of the nation.


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