Air Force Releases Footage Of MOH Recipient Chapman’s Final Stand

first published on August 9, 2018 by

The U.S. Air Force has released drone footage on Tech Sgt. John Chapman’s March 4, 2002 final stand in Afghanistan that has finally earned him the Medal Of Honor.

final stand

The footage shows Chapman, a Combat Controller embedded with SEAL Team 6, charge and eliminate two fortified al Qaeda fighting positions. During the intense, close-range gun battle, Chapman is wounded, losing consciousness, and left for dead by the SEALs.

Shortly after being abandoned, Chapman regains consciousness on the enemy infested ridgeline and continues the fight alone, even going hand-to-hand with the insurgents at times. As a quick reaction force Chinook returns to recover him, Chapman continues providing suppressing fire on enemy positions. Unfortunately, he is struck twice by enemy rounds and killed.

Chapman’s family will be presented with his Medal Of Honor on August 22 by President Trump at the White House.


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