Modernly Equipped Russian Security Forces Surround Alleged Insurgents in North Caucasus

first published on February 5, 2019 by

Modernly equipped Russian security forces surround and destroy an insurgent hideout after trapping militants in a house and aggressively laying siege. With fresh snow on the ground in the frigid North Caucuses, they exchange gunfire and pump grenades into the building at just a few meters. A ground robot armed with a machine gun and a “Punisher” armored vehicle even makes an appearance.

As has been previously documented, the Russians typically cordon the scene and park armored vehicles right in front of the target building. Security personnel laden with heavy body-armor and weapons take up positions around the building, setting up overwatch in the surrounding houses and neighborhood. With the insurgents fully cornered and no chance for escape, the Russians begin relentlessly pumping explosive rounds and machine gun fire into the building.

Interestingly, a ground robot equipped with a belt-fed machine gun makes a brief appearance during this operation. Providing cover to an eight-wheeled BTR that’s driven right up to the front door and likely used to breach an obstacle, the robot appears to be used to engage the militants at extremely close range. Additionally, a ZiL Karatel armored car – otherwise known as “The Punisher” – also makes an appearance during this raid.


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