Pissed Off Mob Goes Hostile On Wounded ISIS Fighter

first published on December 30, 2017 by

Cell phone video footage from Egypt shows an ISIS fighter get shot and then punished by a mob of civilians.

The video, filmed from a balcony by a civilian bystander shows a lone purported Islamic State gunman walking down the street, firing indiscriminately at unarmed pedestrians. In true Muslim terrorist fashion, soft targets are ideal. The shooter is so stupid due to countless generation of inbreeding that the common sense, basic concept of using cover doesn’t enter into his goat rapist mind.

Soon, a shot or two zips in and pegs the Islamist. He drops to the ground, wounded, but still very much alive. As he is hit, the voices of dozens of once terrified onlookers rise up in a celebratory roar.

Although the terrorist is shot, he is still a very real threat. A nearby civilian sees an opportunity to further diffuse the situation, and he rushes in behind the gunman. He reaches out to control the weapon, and while he succeeds, he does almost get shot in the process.

The bravery is contagious, and soon hundreds of pissed off civilians rush in to kick, stomp, and spit on the useless dirtbag. Although the extent of the beating cannot be verified by the video, it is likely that he received more than a str talking to by the angry mob.

While the street justice seen here is satisfying to watch, it is crazy to think that this degenerate could have been, and should have been, rigged with some sort of high explosive suicide vest that could have been detonated in the midst of all those people. Yet, it worked out. There are still people in this world that are willing to accept personal responsibility for their own safety and that of their community, rather than cowering into a submissive ball and waiting on the “authorities” to show up and deal with the situation.