Mississippi National Guardsmen Supplement Border Patrol in Laredo

first published on October 1, 2018 by

Members of the Mississippi National Guard supplement Border Patrol operations on the U.S. – Mexico Border near Laredo, Texas. Here is their story.

Mississippi NG

The Mississippi National Guard is supplementing Border Patrol Operations near Laredo, Texas with aerial assets. Their mission is to fly aerial reconnaissance and support for Border Patrol agents on the ground who are attempting to prevent illegal drug and human trafficking from entering into the United States along the border.

Since 2014, Border Patrol agents and assets operating in or around DPS region of Texas have captured and recorded 373,078 instances of people illegally crossing the border of the United States from Mexico. They have also interdicted more than 274,000 pounds of narcotics being smuggled into the United States. All of these operations were completed with a total of less than 1,100 agents working the border to keep illegal substances and persons from entering into the United States. (Statistics taken from Texas Border Security monthly report for September.)

In the video below, a member of the Mississippi National Guard conduct an interview with members of the 102nd Public Affairs Division. Throughout the interview he describes the working conditions of the border patrol, and the amount of illegal activities that they have been able to assist in preventing in their short deployment to the region. According to the person interviewed, on a nightly basis, they are interdicting illegal operations being carried out by human traffickers, and drug cartels on the border of Laredo, Texas. The following video comes to us Courtesy of the 102nd Public Affairs Division, and Sergeant Shawn Keeton.