Missiles, MOABs, And Decisive Action – Is America Finally Sending A Clear Message?

first published on April 17, 2017 by

The days of indecisive and ineffective foreign policy appear to be behind us, as evidenced by the action taken by the new administration over the past week. It seems as though America is finally acting with decisiveness, and not a moment too soon.

The past week has been full of action and speculation. America is rolling out a whole new method of showing force, and it appears to mean business. Russia must be unhappy now that they have certainly realized their schoolyard bully foreign policy isn’t going to fly anymore, not with the US at least. China got lost in the shadow of a hailstorm of tomahawk missiles and cant be too thrilled that a meeting which should have allowed them to flex some political muscle, undoubtedly ended with them being reminded that America is still wearing the belt. CNN is fit to be tied, but what else is new? Maybe a couple of dozen lives should have been spent on an assault of the tunnel system, this was the right tool for the job; it just happened to be a very big tool. If CNN can’t take the time and do the research to figure out the kind of force that is required to destroy an underground tunnel system from above, then they shouldn’t bother reporting at all, nobody wants to hear them crying about the size of the blast.

President Trump and Secretary of Defense James Mattis are carrying a huge stick, and they are swinging it with ferocity. Two at bats and two grand slams, it sure feels good to be back. America has spent the last eight years cowering to the whims of the world, and attempting to conceal our poorly executed policies abroad. There is little doubt that Russia, China, and the like, were preparing to capitalize on what appeared to be an indecisive and divided United States. The US continues to be very divided on many issues, but seems to be stepping away from its indecisiveness. We certainly aren’t prepared to roll over, not anymore; just ask Assad.

American policy has transformed to be more in line with the Mattis brand of operation, the style where “If you f*ck with me, I will kill you all” isn’t a threat; it’s just the way business is done. America is sending a strong and clear message, and there is little doubt that the world, especially our enemies, has taken notice. Sure, bombs and missiles cost money, but nowhere near as much as a failed foreign policy based on appeasement. Enjoy the ride America, maybe we will end up fighting the good fight again, or maybe our enemies will get back in line. Either way it’s refreshing to see us acting with strength and clarity again.

Written by: Trevor


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