Missile Destroys Tank And Wounds Everyone Standing Nearby

first published on January 30, 2017 by

A group of Syrian rebels end up having a bad day when they all receive shrapnel injuries after the tank they are standing by gets struck by rocket or missile.

The disorganized rabble of third world degenerates chant their played out slogan while they blind fire downrange, possibly in the direction of their foe. They are feeling extra brave today as they have a tank standing in their corner firing high explosive warheads and crew served weapons.

Suddenly, an unknown projectile, whether it be a rocket propelled grenade, recoilless rifle round, or an anti tank guided missile, slams into the tank rendering it useless.


Those standing around the tank are effected as well. One rebel gets up applying pressure to his bleeding face. Two of his buddies weren’t as lucky, and can be seen writhing in pain on the ground with much more serious injuries.

The Syrian “Civil War” began in 2011 as the supposed result of President Bashar al Assad cracking down heavily on anti government protests during the Arab Spring. The war drummed up a number of rebel and insurgent groups all vying for their piece of the pie.

The United States, under the Obama Administration, thought they could easily overthrow President Assad by supporting Sunni insurgent groups, in much the same way they removed Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi. The US was able to continuously project force within Syria under the pretense of fighting against ISIS.

However, Assad had regional support from Iran and Hezbollah, and when Russia got involved, Assad’s grip on the nation was resolidified… at least for the time being.


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