Mindset Is The Biggest Difference Between Where You Are Versus Where You Want To Be

first published on May 3, 2017 by

Much of America stands in awe of the many veterans with injuries; the ones that are not only surviving, but also excelling in life. They simply don’t understand how an individual doesn’t crumble under the weight of their own physical limitations. The lifestyle changes and obstacles associated with serious wounds seem too much to bear. America has the mindset where stubbing a toe or twisting an ankle is cause for missing work. Society expects the world to come running every time it gets a boo-boo. People look for a reason to stay down, and can’t relate to the ones who are only looking to get back up.

Many veterans choose to be in control of their lives after their injuries, not the other way around. They choose to be stronger, and to be more aggressive. They view their survival as a gift, instead of their injury as a curse. Potential is what they see when they look at the world around them, not limitation. There is always a way, you can’t change what has happened, but you can control where you go from here. The mindset of these individuals is what is setting them apart from everyone else.

You have to develop a mindset that stares down at challenges, instead of running from them. The mindset that when kicked, gives a kick back harder. It is often the wound itself which brings on the conquering mindset, and it is the biggest difference between the veteran at the gym with prosthetics, and the sloth that can’t come to work because of the bruise on their knee. This isn’t a man up speech it is simply a statement of the facts. There is a problem in today’s society which prevents most people from stepping up, even when it’s hard, and especially when it hurts. An individual that steps up and embraces life’s challenges does so by bucking societies ideals, and by not being a wussy. If you want to be stronger, you must take control of the things that you can control, and stop making excuses.

Harden up.


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