Military Will Accept Transgender Recruits On January 1st

first published on December 11, 2017 by

Despite President Trump’s opposition, the military will be forced to accept transgender recruits as of January 1, 2018 after two federal courts ruled against the ban.

Trump Administration lawyers claimed the military would be “seriously and irreparably harmed if forced” to accept transgender recruits as the military hasn’t had time to put into place the personnel and amenities capable of dealing with the “complex and multidisciplinary nature” of transgender medical issues.

The courts shot down the argument, saying that the military has had a year-and-a-half, more than enough time to prepare for the new procedures.

The decision to open the military to transgender troops came at the height of the Obama Administration’s era of social justice hysteria. Transgendered people must be accepted as whatever gender/sex they identify as, rather than what they were biologically born as.

The courts, in this instance, are making their decision based on the incorrect assumption that the ability to join the military is a constitutional right rather than a privilege for those fit to serve. Regardless, you sign over your constitutional rights the second you join the military.

While I have nothing against transgendered people personally, and as a freedom-loving American, I truly believe that what you choose to do in your life is just that, your choice, just so long as it doesn’t negatively impact those around you. I honestly feel that in an actual free country, a gay couple should be allowed to protect their marijuana plants with fully automatic weapons.

However, if you are born a male. You are a male. Cutting off your junk, having extensive cosmetic plastic surgery, and then injecting hormones into your body doesn’t make you a female, regardless of what your feelings say, and regardless of how large your breast implants are, because your chromosomes, when viewed under a microscope, will continue to say otherwise.

What does that have to do with being “fit to serve?” The military’s primary focus is (or should be) unit readiness. Sexual preference is one thing. Cutting off your reproductive organs because you “identify” as something else is part of a legitimate mental disorder known as Gender Dysphoria. Mental disorders don’t fly in the military.

If you go to combat and come back with PTSD because you are having a very normal reaction to the terrible things you saw, you will not be allowed access to weapons until they get you separated from the military… and they will separate you. However, if you go through the first twenty some years of your life believing you’ve been trapped in the wrong body and are willing to undergo extremely invasive medical procedures to change your physical appearance to mimic that of the other sex, all while taking in unnatural amounts of hormones your body isn’t producing on its own, because its not supposed to, you are totally mentally stable enough to handle weapons of war while operating in the most stressful, life or death situations on Earth, right?

Aside from the obvious mental readiness problems caused by transgender troops, there is the perpetual issues that effect physical readiness as well. The cosmetic plastic surgery and hormonal treatments will place the service member on physical profile, unable to work, and on non-deployable status throughout the duration of their transition, which will last until the medical personnel overseeing the transition deem said transition complete.

This completely useless troop is now taking up one of so many allotted personnel spaces each unit has. Is it fair to the rest of the unit that they have to shoulder more than their share of the fight while another service member undergoes an arguably non-essential medical procedure for personal reasons, all at the cost to the tax payer? Hell no. I wanted braces for my crooked teeth when I was a private, but I was told “no” because it would effect unit readiness… but they’ll cut a dude’s cock off? What?

transgender recruits

So go ahead and flame and call me the next Hitler of gender inequality, even though I fully support the individual’s constitutional right to identify as whatever makes them happy. However, the military isn’t about the individual, nor is it anyone’s right to serve. The military should also not be used as the social experiment/political stunt this transgender issue was for the Obama Administration. Again, military service is a privilege for those that are fit to serve. If the military has to make special accommodations to take you, then you are not fit to serve.

“LGBT” (plus how many additional letters we’re up to now) is a parasitic acronym that mentally sound homosexual and bisexual people need to distance themselves from, because they are being used as human shields for those with legitimate mental disorders, such as the Gender Dysphoria being discussed in this article.

You have the right to identify as whatever sex you want, because of those that sacrificed everything to protect that right for you. Remember that.


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