Wasted Space: Military Will Start Booting Non Deployable Troops

first published on February 15, 2018 by

In a long overdue change of policy, the Department of Defense will start separating perpetually non deployable troops from the military.

The Pentagon’s memorandum stated that service members who have been on a non deployable status for longer than 12 months will be given the boot. There will be exceptions to the policy, including waivers for pregnancies and wounded warriors.

“On any given day, about 13 to 14 percent of the force is medically unable to deploy. That comes out to be about 286,000 (troops),” said the under secretary of defense for personnel and readiness Robert Wilkie to a senate panel.

The new move should also mitigate or minimize the negative effects of the ridiculous transgender allowance policy that was ushered in during the military-crippling Obama Administration.

A large portion of those non deployable troops were lacking the necessary dental evaluations and procedures as well as medical procedures such as immunizations and screenings needed to deploy. The responsibility for the failures can be attributed to both leadership shortcomings and malingering dirtbag soldiers themselves.

Again, this change in policy is long overdue. I remember getting to my first unit and there being a fat, globular specialist E-4 that made all the privates stand at parade rest when they spoke to him. He couldn’t make weight, he couldn’t pass tape, and failed every PT test he ever took during my time at the unit. He was absolutely worthless.

At the same time, at the same unit, we had an “armorer.” Come to find out, this E-4 was also supposed to be in my mortar platoon, but he was a fat “broke dick” that was put in the arms room, not doing his job, for a couple years of his enlistment.

These worthless turds weren’t doing the job they were getting paid to do. Each unit is only allowed so many troops, so each troop needs to pull their weight. They were doing nothing more than collecting a government paycheck while adding to a toxic work environment. Hilariously, these two dirtbags spent around or over a decade a piece in the Army, while having never gone on a legitimate deployment as an infantryman, yet they constantly post to Facebook about how they “own the night” and are super badass sheepdog infidels. It’s too bad we couldn’t have trimmed the literal fat a lot sooner.


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