Militants Use Suppressed Weapons During a Raid in Syria

first published on February 23, 2019 by

Militants use suppressed weapons during a raid against Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops purportedly encamped in Latakia province. The mashup video shows several different engagements culminating in the silenced attack.

Alleged video of al-Qaeda in Syria, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) operating in the regime controlled coastal province of Latakia have released a video of a daytime raid on an SAA encampment. Beginning with the targeting of a fixed position, the video quickly moves on to a second firefight in the dense mountainous woods. The jihadi is equipped with a multi-barreled grenade launcher which use proves unreliable in the trees; as at least one grenade detonates in the branches.

After some perfunctory “aloha snackbars,” the video again cuts to the final engagement. The GoPro video documents the jihadists sneaking up on the lackadaisical and ill-prepared soldiers asleep in their tents and without any form of protective watch or sentries. They open fire on the tents as close range and nearly shoot each other in the process. Unfortunately, the video cuts out a bit early, but it appears as if they probably break contact and quickly leave the scene.


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