Journalists Get Pinned Down In Gun Battle In Mexico

first published on February 12, 2018 by

A video out of Mexico shows a team of journalists inadvertently getting caught in a gunfight between government troops and cartel members.

The clip starts as a pair of reporters are walking near Mexican troops in an urban area lit with streetlights.

One soldier asks the crew who they are, and they identify themselves.

Just as they are about to be waved through, a soldier yells out to get down, and then a firefight breaks out.

The troops trade automatic fire with narcos that cannot be seen in the footage. The cameraman lays flat on the ground, and the government forces are taking cover behind automobiles and whatever cover they can find in the immediate area.


Soon there is a lull in the fighting, and one of the troops tells the journalists to leave the area before they are mistaken as cartel members and killed by the soldiers.