Meth Bust Shootout Filmed From 3 Different Angles

first published on February 28, 2018 by

Video from Thailand reportedly shows meth dealers attempting to escape a police drug bust with multiple shots being fired.

According to reports, this event took place on 26 February 2018, in front of a 7-11 convenience store. The police action is filmed by two different witness cell phones as well as a nearby security camera.

The video begins as the suspected drug dealer’s vehicle pulls into the parking lot. Shortly thereafter, multiple officers in street clothes, driving unmarked vehicles also pull in and block the target truck from behind.

They dismount their vehicles and tell the suspects to get out of the truck. The criminals refuse, and an officer attempts to open the door, which is locked. One officer climbs into the bed of the pickup and the others try to break the driver side window.

At this point, the suspected drug dealers attempt to make an escape. The driver rams other vehicles and runs over motor scooters. Meanwhile, the police stupidly attempt to shoot the vehicle’s tires.

According to Thai law, police cannot shoot suspects unless they are wielding knives or guns, even though these drug dealers are dangerously using their vehicle much like a weapon. If they are going to stick with that law, it needs to be expanded that police cannot discharge their weapons at all, unless threatened with a gun or knife.

As seen in this video, shooting at the tires is not effective. In fact, it’s stupidly reckless. Those 9mm rounds are likely to bounce off the tires or ricochet off the pavement and hit any number of the pedestrians and drivers on this busy street.

Although liberal gun scholars (see: morons) would have you believe that you can just “shoot them in the leg” or “shoot the gun out of their hand” or in this case, shoot out the tires… that’s not what guns are for. Guns are made to kill, and these clowns are lucky no uninvolved motorists were killed or injured by the irresponsible discharge of the firearms.


The report further indicates that the suspected meth dealers made it less than a mile down the road before they were apprehended. A search of the vehicle turned up 80 grams of meth.


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