Men Almost Killed By Shrapnel After They Stop A Huge VBIED

first published on May 24, 2016 by

Shrapnel from an exploding VBIED the Iraqi Army just destroyed nearly takes the lives of three Iraqi Soldiers standing in the open.

Soldiers from the Iraqi Army are attempting to stop a VBIED coming at them on the outskirts of Fallujah. There is no incoming fire, so they apparently don’t see the need to take cover while they attempt to destroy the vehicle. Watch for the small white streak that flies in between the front two men, and to the left of the cameraman. It’s a piece of shrapnel that could have easily ended any of their lives.

Cover is important at all times. If that piece of piping-hot-metal had been a few feet off of its original trajectory, the after party would have looked a little bit different. Instead of blindly firing rounds into the air to signal victory, they would have been frantically trying to put Jamal’s arm back on.


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