Memorial Day Provides Veterans The Opportunity To Lead By Example

first published on May 17, 2017 by

Iwo Jima Flag Raising

As Memorial Day looms near in our future, it is important to remember that this day is not about living veterans, but about the fallen. This is represented clearly in its title, but the meaning is too often warped. Memorial Day is a holiday that honors service and sacrifice at the highest cost. This is not a holiday for self-loathing, or for benefitting from the death of a comrade. Memorial day is a day for those who were the best of us, and is deserving of the best within us.

Be The Example

Each year this holiday provides veterans with the opportunity to set the example. The internet is littered with comments, blogs, and rants that bash the civilian population for their lack of respect. The veteran who is found babbling in a drunken stupor from his free drinks, will undoubtedly be right back at his keyboard the following day to sound the alarm about the lack of respect that America has regarding their fallen. Famous last words of any safety brief, “Don’t be that guy”, and that should be our goal this memorial day. Show the world the humbled veteran who knows what this life actually costs, and that living it honorably is the truest way to respect our fallen.

Most of all rejoice! Live as the fallen would if they were in your place. Too often we forget that living is the best gift that can be given to our lost brothers. By all means, bust out the bud light, the gold plated Trump tank tops, and that relentless patriotism. Let the world know that we will never forget our fallen, and that their passing will not consume us. Have fun and laugh heartily, and most of all, have a happy Memorial Day.