Meet Linda: One Woman’s War Against The Islamic State

first published on November 23, 2015 by

Linda Clarke is an all around American woman, who refuses to deal with the crap ISIS is doing anymore.

Move over Abu Azrael, the real Angel-Of-Death has arrived on scene. Meet Linda, the woman who looks like everyone’s favorite Aunt. After the Charlie Hebdo attacks back in January, she issued a death warrant to the extremist group known as ISIS.

Since her tweet in January, this American mother has gained quite the following, and become an extremely popular internet MEME. I believe that in her own way, this woman’s hilarious tweets about ISIS are actually doing a lot of good. She is bringing humor into the situation, and raising a little bit more awareness to the atrocities committed by these animals.

Linda's War

So never fear America, Linda Clarke is on the scene, and she’s hear to drop Islamic extremist bodies for America. It’s also worth noting that on November 20th, 2015, she announced that Chuck Norris will be her new partner.

Linda's War2


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