The First Medal of Honor Ever Recorded On Video

first published on July 11, 2019 by

CIA drone video, initially released by the Air Force, has now been redone with stunning analysis of Tech Sgt. John Chapman and his March 4, 2002 final stand in Afghanistan that earned him the Medal Of Honor (posthumously).


The footage shows Chapman, a Combat Controller embedded with SEAL Team 6, on an air assault operation to recover the body of fallen SEAL Neil Roberts. Chapman charges and eliminates two fortified al Qaeda fighting positions.

During the intense, close-range gun battle, Chapman is wounded, losing consciousness, and left for dead by the SEALs. Yet, he wasn’t dead, and the recently released drone footage shows that he carried on the fight, alone.

Seven US service members were killed in the fight, which is now called The Battle For Robert’s Ridge. Chapman’s actions are said to have saved the lives of his entire team.

It took 16 years for Chapman to be recognized for his heroism and sacrifice, because the Navy SEALs knew that acknowledging the incident meant admitting that they broke the very first stanza of the warrior ethos: Never Leave A Fallen Comrade.

The SEALs decided their reputation was more important than the legacy of the man who literally gave everything for them. The incident opened a never-mended schism between the Air Force and the Navy.

For more information about Chapman’s heroic actions, check out the book Alone At Dawn, available here:


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