US Mechanized Infantry Roll Into Syria With Bradleys To Secure Oil Wells

first published on November 1, 2019 by

US mechanized infantry troops are now operating M2A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicles in Syria’s Deir ez Zor province to secure oil fields.


Although President Trump has repeatedly, and recently, declared victory over ISIS in Iraq, the official reasoning for the deployment is to keep the oil fields from falling back under ISIS control.

The US-led SDF initially took the Khusham oil fields from ISIS, but more recently battled Russian and Syrian forces, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Russian mercenaries. Our actual reasoning for holding the oil sites likely has little do with ISIS.

The “ISIS” reasoning is wearing thin to the point of transparency as we have now abandoned our anti ISIS army (YPG), allowing them to be ravaged by the Turkish military and their proxy militias that consist considerably of repatriated ISIS and al Qaeda fighters.

Trump claims to have withdrawn the troops from Syria to end these “forever wars,” yet a deployment of a mechanized combat brigade consisting of approximately 1,000 troops is a serious escalation of force when you consider the logistics and civilian contractors involved in maintaining such an endeavor.

Let’s hope the deployed Bradleys are equipped with our newly-purchased, Israeli-made Trophy Active Protection Systems due to the ubiquity of anti tank guided missiles (ATGM) in Syria.

The following video is from a Bradley gunnery range demonstrating the weapons capabilities of the vehicle.


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