McCain To Russia: “You Better Stay The Hell Out Of The Way”

first published on October 1, 2015 by

After the Russian attacks on CIA backed Free Syrian Army rebels yesterday in Syria, tensions between the U.S. and Russia spiked to a new high.

I was assuming that today we would hear about how the U.S. was trying to calm the hostile situation down, but it’s clear that there is no immediate intentions of that happening. When asked what the next steps would be, the first words out of John McCain’s mouth were:

“The first thing we do is we say to the Russians, we’re going to fly anywhere we want to, and you better stay the hell out of the way.”

So now we have American, Syrian, and Russian jets all conducting combat operations within Syrian airspace fighting for opposite sides, with the U.S. telling Russia to “stay the hell out of the way.” What could possibly go wrong?

You can watch the interview on CNN here, and read the full story on the airstrikes here.


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