Mattis Expands Troops’ Power, To Include Lethal Force, At Southern Border

first published on November 26, 2018 by

Sec Def Mattis detailed expanded powers and authorities given to our troops deployed to the southern border as part of a newly signed directive from the White House.

southern border

The memo now allows the troops deployed to the border as part of Operation Faithful Patriot to perform law enforcement procedures and the use of lethal force if necessary. Until now, Department of Defense military personnel were not conducting law enforcement functions, were only authorized to provide force protection for Customs and Border Protection personnel.

The directive was signed by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, not President Trump, and states that “Department of Defense military personnel … perform those military protective activities that the Secretary of Defense determines are reasonably necessary to ensure the protection of federal personnel, including a show or use of force (including lethal force, where necessary), crowd control, temporary detention and cursory search. Department of Defense personnel shall not, without further direction from the President, conduct traditional civilian law enforcement activities.”

Mattis explained that as of now, the new memo hasn’t changed any operations, but allows the military to do more if requested by the Department Of Homeland Security.

The following video shows an overwhelming force of illegal foreign nationals rioting and attempting to gain access to the United States near San Diego.


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